Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drew's first birthday pics

This time of year is always difficult for me to stay on top of things. Last year, I just threw up my hands in despair since I had a week and change old little one and my top priority was to walk around without bloodshot eyes. This year, I am juggling several projects, while trying to maintain that festive 'happy home' and keep the kids' activities in check.

It's exhausting. I had big plans for Drew's one year spread. BIG PLANS! And then reality set in. There just wasn't enough time to do it all. So, this is why today's post comes as late as it does.

{the balloons}

{the breakfast}

{the bath}

{a little grooming, Drew style}

{"ohhh, I can just feel another 'hair' comment coming"}

{"dude, don't. touch. the hair."}

{"I will *NOT* cooperate for this!!!"}

{the gang}

The next few photos show Drew really enjoying his birthday. Weird, though. I don't remember serving ham...

{the birthday look he gave us all day}

{Mr. Ham or Mr. Cheese...take your pick}

{I loved his smile here, though it'll teach me to take my hair down for
photos when it's not styled...or at least properly dried!}

{the cake...along with the look, of course!}

{Drew had a second bath before opening presents}


-goofydaddy said...

happy birthday!

Kat said...

The outfit looked good on him. Was that the one we picked up or did you have to go get a bigger size


Martina said...

I ended up taking that first one back (along with the other outfit too) b/c I found the right size at the outlet down the road in Round Rock. Had I known, we could have skipped San Marcos altogether. ;)