Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paige's first visit to the dentist!

{Paige looked so tiny in that chair. The fact that she was curled up in the fetal position the whole time didn't help!}

On Tuesday, Paige had her very first dentist exam. I remember not too long ago when it wasn't uncommon for kids to be petrified of the dentist. I picked her up from preschool and reminded her and she immediately told me not to forget my camera because she *had* to have her pictures taken. She is my well-trained child. I had forgotten about bringing my camera, so she took charge of the situation. We have been going to Avery Ranch Dental for three years now, or when Paige was about eight or nine months old. She didn't have any reason to be scared because she's always tagged along for Ashley and Jonathan's visits. The ladies there are awesome. I have never been so impressed by professionalism as I have by theirs. It's an all-female staff, so each time I bring the kids in, they oooh and ahhh over them.

{Paige settles in for her cleaning.}

{Say 'ahhhh'!}

{Paige watches some cartoons}

{Paige, with the technician}

{Paige with Dr. De La Cruz}

Paige did a great job! She had perfect teeth, perfect spacing and even did the panoramic x-ray, something that we save for the second visit when they're not as scared. Yes, she did *just* that good!


Noob Mommy said...

Great pics! Your LOs are gonna love looking back at your blog when they're old enough to appreciate. I especially like the milestones section!

*jess* said...

omg, she is soooo deliciously cute...what a sweet little face she has. what a great first visit!

Jen, Preston and Maren said...

I love the pics, must make sure I do that the next time we go. Paige really looks like she did a fantastic job - YAY!!!

Sandi said...

Great job! I totally have to drug my kids up in order to take them to the dentist. I'm totally jealous ;-).