Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do you really need to ask whether she's able to wear this makeup outside the house?!

A couple of weeks ago, Ashley's 9th period dance class put on a show, along with other middle schools as well as a few area high schools. One of the requirements was to wear makeup, 'done up' a certain way. After doing a trial run, we were ready to put on her makeup for the event. I have to say, their dance was very tasteful and very cool. Once the dvd makes its way home, I'll post with a clip of their dance. Ashley's group wore the orange sashes, that her instructor kept. This is why she's only wearing black in the photos. And no, she will never see any of that makeup again. They were required to wear makeup as thick and heavy as if she were in theater. Bright (true) red lipstick and dark pink blush. I think the only thing she may inherit is the ability to wear a little of the mascara. Maybe.


I apologize the following photos aren't great. I took my small camera only to discover the batteries were dead. I had to use my iPhone camera and let's be honest, there's a reason it's not known as *the* camera phone to have.

{Ashley's group is in the middle - can you spot her? ;-) }

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