Friday, September 5, 2008

Zack's birthday!

Jes makes these really cool flags for displaying on the kids' birthdays.

{Check out those eyes!!}

Zack is our nephew and most importantly, our godson. He has the most brilliant blue eyes and sparkly personality to match. I used to joke (and still do) that our godchildren have our own traits in them. Neil has always had the family reputation of being good with kids and kind to animals. Zack is very sweet and caring towards babies and loves his girl cousins! See this post and watch the video of him chasing Paige to kiss her! He's also very musically inclined. Not one of my traits, but Neil is very talented when it comes to guitar playing.

As it has worked out, even though we are many miles from our godson we have managed to be there for his birthday three of his four years. August 10th is a great time of year and it'll probably end up being the best time of year for us to get away for vacation. I hope that we have just as many opportunities to celebrate his birthday with him in the future.

Enjoy the photos!

{Zack enjoys a birthday pancake breakfast-what a way to get the day started!}

{cousin Brendan}

{cousin Ryan}

{Aria, Kevin and Dana's little girl}

{Drew playing by the pool in the $2 exersaucer that Grandma proudly found}

{AWW shucks!}

{a little rain didn't deter these helpers from preparing the corn for dinner}

{Paka reads the infamous 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' story - could the kids look any more captivated?
Paka's a great story teller! And he didn't mind me testing my flash!}

{Drew and Sean 'play' with the toy house and let me continue to test my flash}

{Ashley with Brendan and Rachel - and yes, I'm still testing the flash out, lol}

{Is there a sweeter combination than chocolate dessert and baby? If so, I don't wanna know!
Jes holding Marianna - five days old}

{Tara and Neil with Sean and Drew. Drew appears to be looking at Tara like 'are you my Godmommy?'}

{Aria digs into her cake while Pumpkin and Mom, Dana, look on}




{Lauren, Zack, Ryan, Paige and Matthew}

{are we supposed to eat it or wear it?}

{Lauren, our goddaughter, with Zack}

{SMILE! Only Paige and Matthew got that memo!}


-goofydaddy said...

lots of good pics! like how you snuck in pics of Dana and Aria!

Blissful Nikki said...

Im so jealous! I didnt get a pancake breakfast on my birthday....or ice cream! Man I miss being a kid! hehe

*jess* said...

that flag is awesome...i'm totally borrowing that idea! and i love the dessert portion of the blog! YUMMMMM!