Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seven Things Sunday

As some of you know, I own a message board on BBC ( called Blogaholics Anonymous. We are a group of gals who come together to talk about all things blogging, whether it's something basic like which website is the best (blogger vs. wordpress) or what kinds of widgets are the best. Someone mentioned something called Seven Things Sunday as something you can do weekly that basically mentions seven things you did this past week. Soooo, this is my attempt to share just seven things we did this week.

7. I visited with my friends just before they left to go back to Dallas. I *would* mention that we spent last Sunday visiting with them, but that's more than seven days ago - ;0!! My friend, Resa and her husband John and I have known each other since grade school. Resa was my very first friend when I moved to Nacogdoches from Austin. And I learned a new fact during their trip! It turns out that John and Resa and I all attended the same elementary school as kids. Maybe I don't remember him because I was about as interested in boys at that age as I am in root canals now...maybe.

6. I got school supply shopping done last Monday!! Both Ashley and Jonathan have pretty extensive lists, and rather than wait until the last minute (because I'm a stickler for getting it all in one *or two* shopping trips), I thought we'd cross that off our to-do list.

5. Ashley and I got her school clothes shopping finished yesterday!! It took several stores and a positive attitude to plow through all those stores looking for good deals (err um, cute clothes). We found some super cute clothes...and as always, I found an excuse to go to many other stores to find Paige and Drew some cute clothes. Funny how I'm always looking for something for the kids to wear. Jonathan was the odd-man-out this trip. To be honest, right now his wardrobe is pretty well set.

4. Ashley got a super cute haircut for the new school year. Lots of layers and framing around her face. I showed her how to use my flat iron (or as she says "I-run", lol) and the hot iron spray to make it flatten out nicely. It looks adorable and I'm sad I don't have a picture of that. Soon, along with my many other 'to-do's'...

{I will have to do a post about this when I get some pictures of her}

3. Paige got moved up to station 2 at Nitro (read: swim lessons)! Her lessons expired last week, but I added a few lessons before the end of the month. She got to bang the gong (a treat reserved for the kids who advance to the next level) and we took her to Sonic to really emphasize this huge milestone. She has been afraid to put her face in the water and didn't like wearing her goggles. We're proud of her for overcoming her fear!

here she is showing us what she learned earlier today at the pool

2. Drew shakes his head furiously when we say 'no no no' in a sing-song-y type way.

1. Neil finally beat Agentownage on NBA Live '08. He is very nearly addicted to this game and he'd have quit a long time ago except that the people he plays are real and he looks forward to handily beating low-ranked players. His rank has been all over the place, as high as 20,000, but recently he's been holding the fort in the 100-300 range and today he is somewhere in the 50's.

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-goofydaddy said...

i like the seven things sunday! i will have to do seven things monday! sounds like a busy week - and fun too. gratz to neil on his nba live accomplishment? but has he beaten the expert challenge yet?