Friday, June 13, 2008

One and the same

A friend of mine, Amy, and I were visiting just before Drew was born. I had loaned out some of my maternity stuff but was so lazy I didn't actually get it until September or October. While I was there, we started talking about what else? Our kids. Well, their one (and now are expecting #2 on the same due date as Drew was - Dec. 3). Ok, quick side note: their due date with their first was Paige's birthday. How's that for weird?? Ok, so anyway back to my rambling. She was telling me how her little girl almost never looks for always looking for her husband. But the twist is that she discovered that babies identify themselves as part of the momma bird. So, what appears on first glance to be a small blow to momma's self esteem is actually not all. It's actually quite endearing if you think about it. Maybe this is why they say Da-da first too? Not only because it's easier to pronounce, but because they think they're the momma bird too? Yes, this must be pondered on further.

Today, Drew is especially clingy to me. Neil comes home and fires up his new Fender Stratocaster (and yes, believe me, this is an all-on-it's-own blog worthy event that *will* be remedied soon) while I'm doing some quick computer stuff (ok, it's never quick, lol). I'm holding Drew in my arms while typing - it's amazing how proficient I've become at typing with something in my hands, usually Drew in my arms or Paige on my lap. So, Drew is on my lap...standing *and* halfway sleeping. Neil must sense that my arms and back are getting tired, so he puts one baby away and takes the other. But Drew isn't having any of this. He is determined to be cuddly and snuggly with me, his momma bird. This happens again 20 minutes later when I'm reading a magazine. He's crawling all over me, burying his head in the sofa and rubbing his eyes. Daddy comes to take him and once again, he isn't having any of it.

***I've become very good at soaking up those precious moments that, while in the midst of it seem frustrating, you don't get back.***

***Should I make dinner or sit here and soak away? The kids are getting hungry, yes, and Neil has fallen asleep on the sofa, but I just can't tear myself away from the moment. I'm not ready to tuck this memory away in my mind. Not yet.***

Drew is smothered in love. Neil and I stare at him in awe...much like you would with your firstborn. We're just constantly amazed at how "in love" we are with all of our kids. Dinnertime this evening was a hoot. Paige flattened her nose to make her 'ugly' face, Jonathan impressed us with how he eats with his left hand (he's right handed or maybe he's ambidextrous), and Ashley? Well, being the tween that she is, tried her best getting out of eating the *one* freshly cooked green bean she was served, but ended up being a good sport about it, "undressing" it's jacket and eating the seeds on the inside in an attempt to bargain her way out of eating the rest. Yeah. No dice, kid. Eat it. It's one stinkin' bean.

Did I mention how much I love Fridays? Even supposed bad luck Fridays are good. I made up my mind that it would be.

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