Monday, June 23, 2008

A fun weekend was had by all...

So, we hosted Goofy Daddy and family this weekend and got to do a lot of fun things. We went to the sprinkler park (aka Brushy Creek Lake Park) where the kids ran around and cooled off. Later that afternoon, we ventured out to The Oasis, a restaurant where Neil and I not only had our rehearsal dinner, but has to have one of the few signature Austin views around. Click HERE to see a few pictures courtesy of their website - we did not stay for the sunset (we'd have been there until well after 8 p.m.!) or I would have taken a few of my own pictures. Afterward, we made our way over to a park that we used to frequent when we first moved to Austin.

Aria and Paige check out the water

Aria tries to grab the water

"I don't think I need these, Mom."

"here you go!"
Aria and Paige enjoy the little fountain of water

~just the girls~

Jonathan pushes the reset button so the water will continue

Aria enjoys splashing in the water

Jonathan and Paige enjoy the water spraying everywhere

Neil holds Drew's feet over the water

"I don't know about all this, Dad"

"yup, didn't care for that. at. all."

Kevin reads Paige her pop-up Princess book - we're not sure who's enthralled more, lol

Dana, Kevin and Aria outside of The Oasis, the restaurant where Neil and I had our rehearsal dinner. The view is phenomenal!

I'm not scared of the tower anymore DAD!

When Jonathan was just a bitty thing, he got freaked out by this tower at a park in Riverplace. I don't guess it helped that it was so gigantic and wild winds made it seem super scary. He's aged a few years since then and was anxious to show us how he's conquered his fear of water towers.

the view from underneath

all growed up!

Aria masters the horsey ride

Paige takes her turn on the horsey

Drew in his car seat - all tuckered out

Paige, Jonathan and Ashley take on Kevin in the battle of the teeter totter

Dana and Aria enjoying the swing - well, maybe just Aria - if I had to guess, that can't be comfortable for Dana!!

Paige musters a smile, mid-swing

Aria tries out the big kid swing - great job!!

Neil tickles Aria

we were interrupted during our visit by this squirrel ripping the bark off the cedar tree - I'm guessing it was for his little home? or maybe to sharpen his teeth? who knows...but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to document this little critter


Jess said...

how fun! and what great pictures of your family!

-Bridget said...

Looks like fun. I want to play in that water park!

Martina said...

the park is a lot of fun for the kids! it even has kayak rentals, three pavilions and a play scape.

dana said...

i love the oasis!

-goofydaddy said...

love the pics! we have to get the hi res versions from you guys. thanks for the awesome hospitality, and the good times! we love you guys! and that's not the beer talkin'

thanks for not posting or talking about the "questionable" photos...

Martina said...

of course! to quote a movie 'i'll nehhh-ver tell...i'll never tell!'