Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two month photo! *UPDATE* 2/4/08

I thought I should get these done before I either 1) forget or 2) run out of steam or 3) a combination of the two. I put him in the same outfit as his one month to see the difference. Aunt Jes and Uncle Dave gave this outfit to him as a gift. The pants didn't fit him at one month, but they look pretty sharp on him today! I'll have to update this post when I find time to measure Drew's height, but his two month pedi appointment isn't scheduled until February 4, so I decided to weigh him at home. He's roughly 11lbs.6oz. Stinkin' Tanita scale only reads ounces as .2, .4, .6, .8 so I had to do some creative conversions.
Drew had his official 2 month appointment this morning. The stats: Head circumference - 38.1 or 5-10%, Weight - 11.7 or 25-50%, Height - 23 inches or 25-50%.
Doc said he looked good. We had not had an official hearing test done, so we'll have to schedule to see an ENT specialist to get that done. Neither of us are worried that he can't hear since he responds to all kinds of noises, but we'll be scheduling his hearing screening just the same to check it off our to-do list.
We ended up switching pediatricians because I decided it made better sense to drive down the street (and on nice days, walk) to the new practice vs. driving all the way down to Bee Caves Pediatrics in Westlake which, on a good day, is about 25 minutes driving time. But the real reason I decided to switch is because Dr. Ruiz, who had been my doctor since I was three and Ashley's doctor when I was in college and up until a few months ago with Jonathan and Paige, decided to retire. He actually moved back to Spain. I thought that was the best time to make the break. I don't want to have to make arrangements to drive down to Westlake for a sick baby when I can easily make plans to drive literally two minutes down the street. So, the kids' new pediatrician's name is Dr. Chang. How's this for dating a person? We went to UTand graduated at the same time. Of course, we talked about how great college was, but we don't miss the days of living off Ramen noodles and stale pizza. And of course, we had to talk about good ole Ricky. I had meant to talk football today. So bummed...poor Tom Brady. But that's *another* thread entirely.


-KZ said...

he really looks like paige in that 2 month photo!

Martina said...

So many people have said the same thing! That must be why she's leading the pack in the poll, lol.

Melanie said...

He is adorable! I can't believe how quickly they change!