Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Intrigue of Advent

Blessed Advent, everyone!

For whatever reason, this year I decided to make a bigger effort to get all my shopping done prior to the start of Advent, which was this past Sunday, November 28. Normally I don't enjoy going to stores in, oh...September and seeing all the Christmas decor up at the same time as Halloween and Thanksgiving, but it doesn't bother me at all from the standpoint that I can get my shopping done early and focus on the pathway to Christmas, Advent.

We have made some strides in the 'making our own traditions' dept. over the years, but this year I wanted to pick up a few more that will make the season more memorable for the children.

In years past we have done the Advent wreath, complete with stories each Sunday and daily devotionals for each evening prayers. This year, we have added a couple of stellar ideas that friends have shared. The first is from a website of a local friend, Jen from Conversion Diary. Someone submitted an idea of collecting all Christmas/Advent books from around the house and wrapping them in tissue paper. Each evening the kids get to pick out a "new to them" book they haven't read in a while. This appeals to my pragmatic side because it means the books will be put away after the Christmas season is over and will make their appearance next year rather than sort of being shuffled in with our existing library for the kids.

The second idea is one that focuses more on a daily examination of conscience with a twist. The kids are asked to think of kind things they've done for each other, for Mom and Dad, acts of obedience and sufferings they can offer up for baby Jesus. Each evening, from youngest to oldest, they say what they've done to earn a piece of straw for each good deed or suffering or some other offering for the Christ Child. They take the straw and put it in the homemade manger we made. The idea is that by the time Christmas gets here, Baby Jesus has a nice soft bed made of our offerings and sufferings.

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