Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Chinese Birthday, Josie!

{"Happy Birthday" in Chinese}

Three short months ago, we welcomed our sweet Josie into the family. Ashley pointed out that the third month is also celebrated as a Chinese Birthday, so I thought it deserved extra special attention. Today, she showed us a little bit of her personality in her pictures. In the past month, Josie has started talking to us, including squeals of delight and coos. My personal favorite is the sneeze followed by a kind of forced 'coo'. She loves to smile, laugh and talk and she loves it when we do the same for her.

One of the things that I've loved about having her most or, rather, enjoying that she's #5 is that there is almost never a shortage of hands to hold her. Everyone wants to lavish love on her!

Here are a few pictures from her 'photo shoot' today. I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I am posting a few different pictures. Maybe you can help me decide which is her best "three month" photo? I had Ashley help me out as my apprentice. The very first picture is one she took that I loved. I am prepping her to take over as 'family photographer.' :)

{Ashley's practice shot of Josie before the shoot}
{Ashley refers to her baby sis as her 'mini me', so here they are together - a rare treat for Ashley to let me photograph her these days!}
{feel the love...and the slobber bubbles}

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-goofydaddy said...

love the pics! though I never heard of the third month celebration in Chinese culture, just the first month (moon-yut) celebration, and their weird counting (you are age 1 when born) and some Chinese count their new year's in as a birthday as well. it can get confusing.