Friday, December 4, 2009

SNOW! oh, and the playscape update

{a little snow never stopped Neil from any serious projects}

So...the weather forecast called for snow today - a few days ago, I have to admit I was pretty skeptical. In my all my life as a Texan, I have only seen snow in Austin...well...let's suffice it to say I haven't even fallen off one hand yet. However, with our playscape project delayed due to weather {Sunday, Monday and Tuesday} and waiting on the last of the materials to be delivered {late Wednesday evening}, we figured we better get as much as we could - DONE - yesterday. We were able to get the second swing beam up, leveled, monkey bars in and tightened {sounds like a simple task - it *so* wasn't!} before closing shop yesterday evening.

As it turned out, due to the weather today, Neil got off work early {hey, only in TX can a city be shut down for sprinkles ;)} and headed straight for me to give me a hug and kiss because he missed me so.

Are you buying it?

Yeah. Me either. ;) He started back up on the project and was working on the rungs to climb the monkey bars when the flurries started. I grabbed my camera and got a shot of his work as well as the snow. Who better to tackle a construction project in the snow, then a former Long Fence sales associate who was very familiar with those kinds of conditions??

As an aside, I should mention that the literal 30 seconds I was outside, I could hear *MONSTER* screaming and peals and squeals - we could hear all the noise from the elementary school yard from our house. They must have let all the kids run around outside and lick the snow from the air.

I remember doing that when I was in kinder. Good times.

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confused homemaker said...

OK, how is that you guys got snow before we did? We just had some minor flurries today & it's been lackluster. We usually have at least 2 good snowfalls by now & there you guys are in Texas stealing our snow ;)