Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh, Goofy Daddy - you make it too easy! :D


I will be updating the blog with entries from our trip to Virginia, but while I work on pic heavy posts, I thought I would share some pictures of our our friend, Goofy Daddy. {In fact, if you missed a couple of entries demonstrating their "together" goofiness, permit me to send you to a blog entry that show you how goofy they both are. Click
HERE to see their see-saw adventures from last year - luckily for both of them, this year we didn't have the time to scope out a new teeter totter.}

So...Kevin and Neil have been buddies long before I came along and they played in a band together. If memory serves me correctly,I think this was how they met.

Neil, Chris and Kevin all played together at some point long LONG ago. I'll have to pick Neil's brain a little to get the full story on the band and include it in my longer, much more interesting post to come in a few days.




Alice said...

You forgot to mention their fabulous bass player :)
Great pictures of Neil. Tony Horton looks good on him.

- Dana said...

That picture of Kevin is huge! It kinda scared me, haha.

Martina said...

Lol, that picture really does make his head look WAY big!! I blame it on photobucket. The uploads are always much bigger than blogger. For some reason I'm having problems uploading to blogger.