Friday, July 3, 2009

What a crafty start to the weekend!

{the kiddos with their pillows, minus the teen}

On Wednesday, I took the kids to Joann's to pick out some fabric for their very own 4th of July pillowcases. I had planned on starting them yesterday and finishing them today. Well, I never *did* start them on Thursday. And today, we were out nearly all day, first at the park and then to the Rockin' River Family Aquatic Center. We had a blast!!

{more pics on that adventure later!}

Back to my point, though. I got home and was so exhausted that I fell asleep - with loud kids and machine guns firing everywhere. Cacophony. That's tired for ya. I was actually starting to think to myself {as I woke up all groggy headed} that I would just make some dinner and shoot for getting it mostly tackled tomorrow. And then I found myself pulling out the sewing machine and all my sewing related things and I got down to business. How incredibly simple! I {probably to the gasp and horrors of sewing enthusiasts out there} don't use patterns. And I have a really bad habit of "eyeballing it". It seemed to work, though. The pillow cases look great and the kids have something unique to celebrate the holiday with. Now...if I could convince myself to finish my bedroom curtains I'd be set. Nah. I'll save that for another day.

{pinning the fabric}
{sewing the opening}
{the finished product!}
{Paige's pillow}
{Jonathan's fifty states}
{Drew's baseball and flags}
{Ashley's patchwork quilt style pillowcase}


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Love the idea of pillowcases and what a great result! Think maybe I'll do some holiday aprons.

Martina said...

That sounds like fun! Maybe we can make a project of it when we come. I actually was thinking of making myself an apron. The cases turned out really nice. A lot better than I expected! :)