Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Third of July

On Friday, July 3rd, we took the kids to the Rock 'N River Family Aquatic Center. One of the nice things about this place is you can bring your own cooler, camp out at a picnic table that's nicely shaded, enjoy concessions and snow cones and piped in music.

Oh, and you can do lots of different water activities. They have two water slides - an open and closed tunnel - a shaded kiddie pool, a lazy river and a huge waterscape for kids.

We easily passed the day away, taking into account the time it took to get out the door and back.

Here are some pictures from our day out. Enjoy!

{Looking for tubes to lazy on}{Jonathan enjoying the lazy river}
{Neil and Paige}{Drew's head was firmly planted on my shoulder. He wasn't fearful of the water so much as he just didn't want to be away from me - that and he was afraid of the water. ;-)}
{Can you feel his tension??}
{Drew clutching for dear life - I think my kids have the gene for water paranoia}
{Paige and Ashley enjoying some sisterly bonding time}
{Quick. Call the NRA! - p90x joke}

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Alice said...

Looking very good Neil. I'd say something more interesting if we were West Virginians :) We missed you guys tonight but you were with us in spirit through your awesome advice. We can't wait to see you all!!
Love, Alice