Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy? No, that's not right...

{click the picture to see all the products that Amy's sells}

But it does involve food, so I'm at least headed in the right direction. I just wanted to share a quick and easy meal that the kids had today for lunch. I ran into the store for a few items {ok, and seriously, this should be a separate blog entry entirely, but who really goes in for a literal few items and comes out with said literal few items and nothing more?}. *Anyway*, I saw a special on the generic corn chips and immediately thought 'hmm, we could have frito pie!', so I picked up some of our favorite organic chili {though it's a tad pricey, they deliver in taste} and found a couple of recipes online and meshed them together to make my own.

I just didn't want to use the oven...if I really didn't have to. Nearly 100 degrees today and blech, who needs that added heat in the house?! So, I decided to heat the chili in a small pan with about a quarter cup of sour cream, got it bubbling hot and served it over a bed of corn chips and shredded cheese in an 9x9 casserole dish. Then I topped it with another thick layer of shredded cheese {the Mexican four cheese is always a family fave here} and covered it with thick aluminum foil and gave it a few minutes to really melt away.

The end result was full tummies and lots-O compliments.

If you want a variation on it, feel free to add in some chopped sweet onion and diced green chilies. Or maybe some green Tobasco sauce. You know you were thinking it too. ;-)



confused homemaker said...

amy's is so good, i love it & am excited when i can find it on sale. btw--loving the new header:)

confused homemaker said...

OK, posting again to let you know that I've given an award come over to claim it. You are beyond awesome & without you I wouldn't have finally gotten up & blogged.

Jamie said...

I love the organic section at our local grocery store (that would be Food Lion...but I'm too embarassed to admit that our town is so small that that's all we have *sigh*) and I've seen this chili there so with your recommendation it's definitely on my list..and maybe I won't tell Jonathan there are beans in it when I make the frito pie...=)

Martina said...

thanks, b!

jamie: you'll have to let me know how it works out!