Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Friday was such a busy day for us! I was able to coordinate a very informal get together at a playgroup friend's neighborhood pool where we celebrated Jonathan's birthday by enjoying some sun, some swimming, yummy food and good company. Before that, we spent some time frosting and decorating his "death by chocolate" cake with double chocolate frosting, spider man sugar decorations and red and white sprinkles. Perfection by 8 year old standards!

After we got home from the pool, the kids relaxed a while and cooled off while I got dinner started. Jonathan insisted on the same dinner that Drew had for his first birthday, fried fritters. They are a perfect leftover dinner if you have any kind of chicken or mashed potatoes laying around. All you do is mix the chicken and mashed potatoes together with some seasonings of your choice, bread them and then coat them with egg and milk mixture and then fry them up. It was VERY yummy!

After dinner, Jonathan wanted to open gifts. Then that order. Early dinner, gifts and death by chocolate - giving himself enough time to enjoy all his gifts before bedtime.

{Death by chocolate started early in the day - we put over a pound of double chocolate frosting on the cake}

{The finished product! Loads of sprinkles and sugar Spider-Man decorations}

{Jonathan got a neat surprise when we got home from the pool. His godparents, Dave and Jes, had sent him a cookie bouquet - it was YUMMY!!!}{The same dinner Drew had for his birthday. Fried fritters (fried potato cakes with chicken), and peas - they were delicious!}

{Jonathan with his loot-he kept asking when we were going to leave to buy his gifts; then proceeded to tell Dad exactly what he wanted - a Bakugon, Lego Indiana Jones for his PSP and a book - no wait, make it two books}

{Did he score or what?? He got everything he asked for and a little more!}

{Drew double checks the loot - ya know - just in case...}



Jessica Kreitzer said...

I missed this post somehow! It sounds like he had a good birthday. I should have sent the cookies like a week late to avoid that sugar-overload. But, that's what birthdays are for, right? Were Mom and Dad able to stay away from all that goodness? We're struggling to maintain the super-healthy eating. It's so easy to slip back, especially when you're trying to eat on the run from swim to soccer to softball. Oh well. The pressure to maintain is a little overwhelming. After putting myself out there, I better keep it up.

Martina said...

I said "to heck with it" and had cookies and cake. I'm to the point that I can enjoy an occasional day here and there. Bread and pasta are completely out of my diet so a splurge here and there isn't too bad overall. I think you have it harder b/c you literally have to make working out a lifestyle change in addition to dieting. Alls I have to do is watch what I eat. ;-) - Neil did a good job too, though.

He starts phase three on Sunday - here we go!!