Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Ike evacuees...the same as Rita plus a few.

Back in 2005, late September, we hosted Alice and family (minus Chris who went back to help Shell get the company back up and running in Beaumont and other hurricane ravaged areas) stayed with us for mmm, I think 2.5 weeks. They lived in Beaumont at the time and there was nothing to go back to for a while. Their house survived the hurricane with minimal damage. It was just a waiting game for roads to be cleared and power to be restored. At the time they only had three of their girls.

This time around (and they now live in Kingwood) the hurricane was headed straight for Houston. We later learned the eye likely went right over their house or neighborhood. So, the Doyle brood headed for our house to ride out the storm. Seven in their family, added to our six and yes we had a house of nine kids and four adults. I still think that while much of Austin put on the hostie hat for our fellow Houston brothers and sisters, God coulda thrown us a few drops of rain...I'm just sayin'...

We really {sarcastically} forced them to enjoy their time here. Alice and I got to do a little shopping, Neil and Chris played some golf, the kids got lost at Chuck E Cheese's and we even bribed Amy into babysitting nine kids so all four adults could escape (I mean dine out) for an evening of great food and shopping at The Domain, one of our favorite date night haunts. Actually the truth is that Amy was our "babysitting manager" of sorts and Madeleine (13) and Ashley (12) were paid helpers, getting the kids ready for bed and helping out.

Regardless of how crazy it was we had a good visit!

{hurricane Ike evacuees and cousins}

{Miss Ella}

{Miss Sophie}

{Miss Grace}

{Miss Mia}

{Miss Madeleine}

{Mia and Ella}

{Mia and Paige}


The next photos are from our attempt to get Drew and Ella to the same time. Hey, let's see you try it!

{this is as good as it gets folks!}

{they want to take more pictures? why weren't they happy with the first few?}

{ok, *what* is Ashley doing to us?? - Ashley attempts to get the babies to look directly at the camera...attempts.}

{how much longer do you think we'll be here?}

{AWWWW, this is the *longest* three minutes of my life...I'm just going to lean my head on you!}


emily said...

ah yes, stubborn babies. I know it well.... Nice work trying, though!

*jess* said...

nice pics...i love the one with ashley's hand on their heads, lol.