Tuesday, July 1, 2008

summer menu - July

{right click and save, then print it up for harmonious shopping and eating experiences for July}

Some of you have mentioned using my menu and I thought for those of you truly struggling to come up with something to make, I would share my July menu. Yes, it's a day late, but not a dollar short! This is one of our summer menus, so not all meals are super healthy. The kids enjoy making the pizza, so that's a favorite for everyone to create and the nachos are a fun and simple meal. For anyone who is curious to know how we come up with meals, I'll be posting more about how we work on the menu, the grocery list and when and if we'll be incorporating dinner meals into the mix. Since I'm the owner of the group "What's For Dinner?" on the new BBC (don't worry if the link doesn't take you there since this website is still 'by invitation only' to work out the bugs before going completely public)I feel like it's my duty to make meals more of a priority than before. The last of my hurdles is to finally be one of *those* people who's extraordinarily organized and knows what meals are going to be prepared and has their grocery budget down to the penny. This is my goal, folks. But I'm far from it, so in the meantime, I'm hoping I can surround myself with some other people who are in need of a menu and we can all lament how easy it *should* be to do and yet here we are week after week staring into the fridge at four in the afternoon.

I hope you enjoy our menu selections for this month and if you have any (healthy) suggestions, let me know and I'll work it into the August menu.

BTW, the menu shows breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.


Jess said...

your july menu is not unlike mine...i guess all kids have the same likes, huh? i'm all about easy and delicious meals. :) good work!

Martina said...

oh yeah, i coulda put in hot dogs, mac & cheese and a few others...i guess that can wait until august, lol - i had to redo dd's menu selection since it was all junk food!!

Rebekah said...

Now that is organized! I tend to feed the same thing day after day for breakfast and lunch. Thanks for the inspiration to switch it up some!