Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fifth of July!

Our craft day didn't turn out quite the way I intended. I made both their shirts after Jonathan flatly refused to decorate his (but was ecstatic to wear it for the Fourth of July) and Paige put her hands on her t-shirt and I did the rest. It ended up being very therapeutic for me, lol. Ashley also decorated a shirt that I will post later!

I don't know if it can be called procrastination since the entire day was crazy busy, but here I am the day after posting about our fourth of July. We started the day off by trying a new place out, Volente Beach, down on Lake Travis. The kids had a blast, right down to being disobedient (see pictures for full story). Then we came back home and had an un-American dinner of tuna fish sandwiches, lentil soup and pineapple slices, watched part of Daddy Daycare and then finished up by going out to...our driveway to watch some fireworks. We are not considered Austin "proper" so fireworks are not illegal in our 'neck of the woods'. We have neighbors who live off a cove across from us who put on a small show each year, so we pulled up chairs and watched for a while. Hey, when you consider the fact that we didn't have to fight traffic, kids' schedules, or entertainment for the kids prior to the show I'd say we did alright!

the view from Volente Beach

Ashley and Drew share a snuggle


I call this next series 'the unfolding of disobedience'

Neil and I were both drying off and essentially done with swimming. Paige was told to stay near us, but as you'll see she inches her way back into the water. First she starts off pouty. "I can't believe they really said not to get in the water."

"yes, I'm still pouty"

the idea to disobey enters her head: Gee, with two older siblings, I wonder *where* she could have gotten that idea???

one leg in

two legs in

"let's see, if I try to look cute, maybe they'll overlook my behavior"

"a smile for good measure - no one can resist my cutie pie-ness; there's *NO* way I can possibly be in trouble now!"

notice the smile...

she holds her breath as she attempts to 'go under water'


see?! I *can* get in the water and disobey Mom and Dad!!


Here are a few snippets of video of the fireworks display. With four kiddos, this is the best way to watch the fireworks. Drew was already sound asleep in the house and the rest of us enjoyed hanging out in the driveway watching the 'sparkles', as Paige called them. The first two are from the cove across the street from us and the last video is from another town's firework display...we think it's Wells Branch or maybe Pflugerville.


Jess said...

sounds...and looks like it was a perfect day!

resa said...

Ok, Paige did exactly what Jack would've done! So funny! Looks like you had a good 4th!

Mandalynn said...

love the shirts! and, Paige is adorable! 3 year olds are sneaky, yes?