Monday, May 12, 2008

The gift every mom needs - ok, mom's family needs

So, I said I would post a picture of the gift Jonathan gave me, but first let me give a quick rundown of the gifts I got from everyone else. Neil gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble - one of my favorite places to frequent while Jonathan was in CCD. Neil and Ashley both picked out a nice sports watch for me to wear for volleyball practices/games. Jonathan got me the gift below and Paige picked out a small purse-sized book filled with anecdotes called
"It's a Mom thing".

{the mom mood monitor - click to buy}

Use your thumb (or any warm part of your body that fits) to see what color you are and ultimately what mood you're in, thereby warning everyone w/in strangle distance to keep their distance. ;-)

Turns out I'm red this go around - that means...

I'm apparently optimistic today...or right now anyway. I guess that means I'm thinking dinner will actually get done and that I might get a load or two of laundry done. Yeah...that sounds about right, lol. Thanks Jonathan! You've saved the family!


Samantha said...

Ohhhhh. What a neat thing to have! Mine would be the angry color all the time though. LoL.

Sandi said...

I NEED one of those meters, seriously. What a great present!

Martina said...

Since BBC is having a hard time cross-posting, I'm just going to self-promote my comments by adding them here, lol ;)

I love it! I definitely need one of those! :)
Posted on 5/12/08
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emily said...

cute pics! Cute message board! Cute photo strip... I keep meaning to get one of those done with Noah... :)

Martina said...

i wonder what is the best time of day to do that? morning? afternoon? busiest? slowest?

Martina said...

seems i'm always optimistic...did it again yesterday and it was ARRR EEEE DEEE, RED!