Thursday, April 24, 2008

Triple play Thursday - part III

I give you: St. William's Spring Festival
**WARNING: VERY pic heavy!**

Sorry all, things have been incredibly hectic. It all started last mmm, last Thursday I think when we got a call from Neil's brother who said he would be in town on business and would get in Saturday evening. It was a really nice, but short visit - I'm pretty sure fun was had by all. Earlier on Saturday we spent some time at our church's spring festival. The kids had a blast. Ashley was not with us since she spent the weekend at a retreat put on by Challenge, a Catholic girls' group that helps them discern vocations. Sunday morning we found out my great Aunt Josie passed and we made the trek up to Waco to pay our respects on Wednesday. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, we all had a lovely time visiting with family. The kids even got to meet some new cousins! It was nice hearing the priest reflect on my Aunt Josie's life and how incredibly kind and wonderful she was. My memories of her were mostly from my childhood and I remember she had the most sweet and melodic voice. Always had a smile on her face. Never an unkind word.
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