Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Hodge Podge things - part two

Neil and I have this way that we dialog based on anything that we've seen or done in the past. Years ago there was an episode of Yes, Dear where the husband goes on this trip and ends up eating some cheese samples a la carte. He thinks he can handle the samples until the waiter informs him after he makes his selection that he's "not ready for that cheese". So, of course to make things interesting he eats it anyway and it's hilarious because there he is trying to eat this cheese and making these horrible faces. So now when there's something that we do collectively or individually that doesn't quite work, we say 'you aren't ready for that cheese'. This was what happened yesterday. We woke up late yesterday morning because we stayed up late Saturday night playing with and enjoying and updating our new computer. We went to the later mass, and decided to sit in the front row -something we never do but all our usual seats were occupied. The kids were fine, a little restless being that it was a different time and as diligent as we are, we forgot Drew's pacifier. And maybe it was just me and I was more observant of their behavior than those around us, but it sure felt like sitting in the front row we put ourselves in the spotlight. After mass, I turned to Neil and said 'we weren't ready for that cheese'. He knew what I was talking about. I think I like blending in several
rows back so we can make that sweet escape if necessary.
And so, I move on to the second topic - our new computer! I am so jazzed because I actually feel like I'm on the computer less than before. I don't like to waste time on things like pages loading up, or the pictures taking a long time to open in Photoshop. This is my first official iMac post to everyone and so far I'm loving it. There is an option they told us about at the Apple store where you can pay $x and get one lesson a week for an entire year at their store learning about the ins/outs of your computer. I may do that since there is a bit of a learning curve - and I want to take advantage of all it offers. I was surprised at how quickly Neil agreed to get a new computer - I wanted a laptop so I could blog from anywhere in the house and we also debated getting the kids their own computer for schoolwork, research and educational games. Then we realized 'hey!', our computer is 4.5 years old - if anyone's getting a new computer it ought to be us. Plus, there's nothing really wrong with ours and it'd be perfect for the kids. So, we did some research - Neil was determined to go Mac no matter the next computer purchase. I'm not sure I cared about what we got as long as I could continue to blog, post on my favorite sites, play with my pictures and send e-mail. My list was pretty short. I think aside from having to purchase Photoshop, there's not much I need to do the things I want to do. The biggest advantage for me is not having to wait around for a slow computer - that's pretty nice, I gotta say. Thanks honey!
So, I want to apologize for another post without pictures - yes, I know - boo hiss - you know you love me because you keep coming back. I know because I track all of my visitors - hee hee! Have a great Monday everyone!


Melanie said...

YAY! Welcome to the world of Mac! You're going to love it.

Martina said...

oh, I'm totally diggin' it!

emily said...

just popping by to say, yes-- i still visit!

And boo hiss for no pictures.