Friday, March 7, 2008

The elusive Spring Break...

We never do anything for Spring Break...and I mean never. Call it a tragic side effect of Neil's job, but March is usually one of a handful of "hoppin" months in the fence and deck industry. So, to miss a day is to essentially choose to miss out on sales. This year, Spring Break snuck up on us. I thought it was next next week, not starting today! I actually wanted to take an extended weekend, head up to a state park for some camping. Maybe it's a little ambitious considering we still don't sleep nights through...ok, *I* don't sleep nights through. *and* Drew.
I found out earlier this week that for the first time, possibly ever in Neil's career, all of his vacation time was used up. Each March 18th-ish, he gets his vacation time "restocked". It equals three weeks time off, but apparently between our trip to Myrtle Beach, his trip with his brother to Vegas last June, flying up to Virginia for his lil sis' wedding, time off for visits with his folks and the birth of Drew (which only ended up being two days off of work), it was all used up. That means we have to wait until the end of this month for vacation time to renew. It kinda stinks because I want to make family vacations more of a regular thing. I'm hoping we can put something on the books in the meantime. If the camping thing doesn't work out, maybe a trip to Sea World or maybe a theme park. We took Ashley to Busch Gardens years ago and stayed for three days...we had a blast! Jonathan's now the same age she was then, so it'd be a lot of fun to see him on the roller coasters and thrill rides.
I guess in the meantime, we'll have to plan out vacation time to include Spring Break next year. So, while I'm a little bummed right now, I know we'll plan something fantastic for next year.


catherine said...

Spring Break crept up on us this year also! Ended up doing nothing, but sometimes that's better than doing too much!

Martina said...

I had so many repair people out to the house, that in the end it didn't matter too much that we didn't go anywhere...I *am* glad we got things taken care of, though!