Monday, September 26, 2011

Out of the Deep Blue

If you've missed my blogging, I have a good reason. 


You see...the past year or so, I've found myself replacing blog entries with status updates on Facebook...a completely private way to communicate with friends and family! I sounds like I *just* discovered FB. I promise this isn't the case! I've been FB'ing since April '07. The reality is I became lazy...and I had a lot of obligations that sort of dog-piled my blogging mission. We started homeschooling, we had a baby last August...we started homeschooling at the SAME time we had a new baby...I decided to start my own group on Facebook of Catholic women, I started a business, and kept busy with whatever remaining "free time" on my parish Pastoral Council, the MOMs group, and our parish Adult Faith Formation - SHEW! It's a wonder I got ANY sleep, but I still managed to find time to cook {on occasion} and swish a few toilets and "warsh" a few loads of laundry. biggest accomplishment as of late is really the real REAL reason why I'm writing a blog entry for the first time in nearly nine months! About a month ago, I started a new blog of women contributors, all representing different walks of the Catholic Faith. We have engineers, work-at-home moms, authors, journalists, technical writers, stay-at-home moms, homeschooling moms, Latin Rite, Eastern Rite, Tridentine Mass goers, Novus Ordo in English goers, skirt-only wearers, women who veil and one who *sells* veils. We have women with large families and some who struggle with infertility. We have young moms, older moms and grandmas. We have former atheists, evangelicals, lapsed, revert and cradle Catholics. My point in sharing is simply this. 

You have never seen a Catholic womens' blog like this. 


We are only 5 weeks old and the stories of each of the women are barely developing and over time, our readers will have a strong sense of what the Faith means to many. We are all bound by our love for the Faith and our adherence to Mother Church, but *how* we live out our Faith takes on different faces...and while it remains a challenge to understand that Christ has us in different places for a reason, it is always a good reminder in how to treat each other with charity at all times. 

So...I want to invite you to come visit my new blog called Catholic Sistas. In our short time, we have crossed 20K+ hits to the blog. Right now, we are holding a $35 giveaway to a Catholic online store called St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Store. All you have to do to enter is to simply comment in the "giveaway" post. That's it! So...come on over, read and enjoy the different perspectives of women who all love the Faith. Someone will speak to you in a way that will elevate your walk with Christ. 

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